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Ted and Tilly Face a Storm

Ted and Tilly Face a Storm

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Ted and Tilly are playing in the forest when they encounter a tricky situation they need to overcome. Can they do it? And what will they learn along the way?

The purpose of this book is to reveal that people can learn to be resourceful by accessing a resourceful state and this is a skill that they can start in childhood.

When we accept that we already have the potential, grit and resources that we need, we form a belief that we can overcome any hurdle. As carers, if we also adopt this concept we can help our children to access those resourceful states, and respecting that each individual has strength and inner resources of their own. Sometimes children don't need help, they just need someone to believe in them because your expectations of their potential will become self-fulfilling prophecies. By realising this early, chilren will form a belief that they have the tools for overcoming life's inevitable challenges.

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