Leadership Development & Growth

"We start with a consultation to tailor a framework that is highly relevant to your organizations values and needs. Next we embed a critical coaching step to align your people before conducting 360-degree assessment across your team. This assessment offers valuable insights into development requirements. Next, we propose customized development plans from both internal and external providers to ensure the growth and success of your team including.

- 360 reviews, and strengths reviews.

- Leadership Development Workshops.

- Building Effective Feedback into your Culture.

- Developing high performing teams.

- Communication & EQ.

- Team Building and Charter Sessions

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One on one coaching

Our personalized one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to professionals seeking to elevate themselves to the next level.

Whether you're aiming to enhance clarity & direction, break through plateaus, career development & decision making, improve health & wellness, financial & accountability, relationships and fulfillment.

Whatever your aspiration, our dedicated one-on-one coaching empowers you to enact the changes necessary for your personal and professional growth.

E: MentalSkillsCourse@Gmail.com

Conference and Event Speaking

What are you looking for in your next conference or event speaker? How are you looking to create positive change within your organization?

We have the ability to tailor our keynotes to challenge, inspire or entertain your audience.

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