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Meet Wilton

Think of Wilton as your strategic teammate to help increase growth and success. His approach is agile and collaborative to provide highly relevant coaching based on what will make the biggest most tangible impact.

He has worked with professional sports teams, Olympians, and businesses looking to expand their potential. With rich personal experience in pressure environments of both elite sports and corporate sales. Wilton also holds numerous professional qualifications including: Degree in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology, Certified NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Conflict Resolution Instructor, Design Thinking Facilitator, 360-degree review facilitator, Dale Carnegie, and an Advanced Life Coaching Certification (ICF).

Meet Merryn

"Meet Merryn, your seasoned Occupational Therapist with over 12 years of diverse experience across various settings in New Zealand and internationally. Her passion for coaching stems from her rich background, working with individuals from diverse sectors from international schools, government agencies to palliative care. Her approach is holistic and collaborative, understanding that the success of her works relies on using a multidisciplinary approach rather than a siloed approach. Her desire to help others improve the quality of their lives is at the core of her work as an Occupational Therapist.