Mental Skills Coaching Certification - Pilot Program

Want to be in the top 1% of coaches and leaders?

Most have great technical and subject matter knowlege but lack knowlegde in mental performance.

In this course we will certify you as mental skills coach so you will be able to help your people in a different and much more impactful way.

We are seeking coaches, leaders and individuals who are looking to create meaningful and sustainable shifts in the lives of their clients, teams, or for their own professional development. To be part of the initial pilot program at heavily discounted rates

Mental Skill

Coaching Certification Program

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1. Power Mindset (Growth Mindset 2.0)

  • Understand and challenge widespread and ingrained cultural myths around performance and potential.
  • How to create a training that breaks through performance plateaus.

2. Ellicit core values

  • Discover the values and drivers of your clients and team so that they can.
  • Understand themselves and each other better and live life with more direction.

3. Creating a powerful vision

  • Learn a revolutionary breakthrough technique to help uncover one's compelling vision so we can live a life with purpose.
  • Create a system so this vision is front of mind.

4. Mind/Body connection

  • Teach clients the simple but little understood neuroscience behind the mind body connection, why most people get it wrong and why it matters.
  • Provide a framework and structure that prevents mental health issues from occurring, rather than requiring cures.

5. Subconscious, belief & identity change

  • Understand the different levels to create the most profound change in a client, team and self.
  • Understand and coach the little known principles why most people don’t improve or plateau.
  • Learn a guided meditation or hypnotic process so they gain clarity, or remove limiting beliefs.
  • Learn the most effective evidence based tools and techniques from a range of modalities, including Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, and applied psychology.

6. Emotional and behavioral mastery

  • Easily eliminate stressed feelings, fears or phobias, procrastination and low mood, as well as self limiting beliefs or compulsive behaviours, using researched techniques.
  • Coach others to create immediate changes to emotional states, whether it be for motivation, confidence or relaxation.
  • Practical techniques to remove fear and performance anxiety in high pressure situations.
  • Coach a client to create states of focus and attention

7. Communication, Relationships & EQ

  • Teach the principles of high level emotional intelligence and relationship building, to build the whole person both inside and outside the performance environment.
  • Use both body language and choice of words to create the feeling of rapport easily and quickly, creating more cooperation with clients and team.
  • Learn and use a communication model which allows us to communicate more effectively in all situations.
  • Discover the mental filters which determine yours and others responses.
  • Develop the ability to enjoy choosing the way you think and feel about life, and be in charge of the direction your life takes.

 Bonus - Strategy & Action Plan

  • Create a strategy and plan of action and accountability.
  • How to structure a coaching session

Bonus - Co-elevation & Accountability team

  • Build and find a co-elevation team of like-minded individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Are you a coach or leader with good technical and tactical coaching and leadership skills, but are looking to create an even more profound, dramatic and sustained breakthrough with your clients, team and self?

Have you ever had a situation where despite your best efforts you couldn’t help create a breakthrough in someone's performance, or your own performance?

Most coaches and leaders are great at the technical and tactical but this only accounts for a small component of performance.

This course will give you the missing and least understood pieces. In short this course is for those who are looking to level up in coaching, sport, business, leadership and self mastery. You’ll learn practical evidence based tools and techniques that you can use and coach immediately.

What you'll learn?

How to teach the life changing concepts, tools and techniques that will take your coaching to
the next level and see immediate, powerful and sustained change in your clients and team.

On the Mental Skills NZ Coaching Certification Program, you’ll learn the
following topics:

1. Power mindset (Growth Mindset 2.0)

2.Find my Core values

3. Creating a powerful vision

4. Mind Body Connection

5. Subconscious, belief & identity change

6. Emotional and behavioral mastery

7. Communication, Relationships & EQ

(Bonus : Strategy and Action plan )

(Bonus: Co-elevation & accountability team)

How you'll learn?

This is a day long workshop program, you will be given a workbook and will learn through a fun, dynamic, interactive, action packed and safe environment.

How long is the course

This is a day long workshop program.

When/Where is the course

There are limited spots for this live day long training and mental skills coaching certification held in Christchurch 8th April 2023. We'll will be email you the location in closer time.